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Fri-Sat, 20-21st September, 2013

11:00am – 6:00pm

The ultimate aim of the seeker is to attain long lasting happiness. Shashi marvels at the magic wand of the creator. Her mind expands and her spirit soars at the sight of Natures creation whether it is a Cave, Morning Mist, Water or Cosmic Energy. Art is an expression of true emotion to her. It is an aesthetic through which she expresses her inner feelings. Her Canvas speaks the language of the soul.

Shashi’s paintings offer hidden messages of divine love and reflect the inner feelings and emotions taking place in our minds. Her painted human forms carry forward unique powerful emotions which have a calmness flowing through them. In sheer silence, soaked in tranquility, the divine women are shown merging with the infinite, the radiant cosmic being. Merging with the lord and being in tune with ones own self is the only real way to live!!


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