About – Sttudio 292

Hi! My name is Shivani Khanna and I live in Gurgaon, India. This is my personal blog through which I want to share my past and ongoing experiences in the world of culinary, photography, travel and wellness.

The world of food has been a large part of my life. I’m a baker, chocolatier, cheese maker, culinary instructor and a food enthusiast. Simple recipes appeal to me and I love sharing my tried and tested recipes.

Travel has always interested me, a throwback on genes inherited from a father who loved discovering new places with the family. I carry his personal holy book with me when I travel, feels like I’m taking him to places he hasn’t visited or maybe he is taking me to cities/parks/attractions he wants to go to, who knows.

From photographing food for my culinary blog, I started taking pictures of flowers to share with my mother who is an avid horticulturalist. I’m self taught and lack of photo editing skills makes me try to get the best picture possible in my frame.

My passion is to learn new skills. Routine bores me and I need to challenge myself continuously. I get inspired by Masters in their field but also by the little guy, be it in any of my skills set or something totally unrelated.

“If you pursue anything with a passion, you will enjoy it to the fullest”….my motto.