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Sttudio 292 held its much awaited Children’s Edible Craft Workshop on June 19, 2013. Inspite of much groaning from both parents and children about being away on holiday on the day the workshop was going to be held, we still held it for the few remaining back in Gurgaon.

On the menu was Coleslaw Sandwiches, Butterfly Cupcakes, Pasta Salad, Rocky Road Bars and finished with cold Lemonade.

 DSC01712 DSC01713

 DSC01715 DSC01714

I think more marshmallows were eaten plain than put into the Rocky Road Bars and the Cupcakes rose beautifully to the occasion. Much fun was had peeling and grating the carrots for the coleslaw. Chopping the cabbage was taken on by the older students. Cutting up the Bellpeppers for the Pasta salad again saw much competition among all present. But the best fun was had decorating the cupcakes with colourful frosting and sprinkling with various toppings like coloured sugar, edible silver balls, gems.

DSC01720  DSC01718     DSC01721  DSC01725

The Cupcakes and Rocky Road Bars got eaten before the Sandwiches and the Pasta Salad, proving that sweets & desserts are more in demand than savories. Well, it was a hectic morning but much enjoyed as you can see by the happy faces. Till next time!!!!


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