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Ok, people summer is really here. No more lovely showers to cool the evenings. The heat and hot winds are taking a toll already and nobody is looking forward to June. Taking the heat into consideration, the first event hosted at Sttudio 292 was a success. A Wellness Workshop “Women’s Health for Menopause” was held by senior gynaecologists, Dr.Mukta Kapila and Dr.Swati Mittal from Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon. We had a record number of participants. Various topics related to this subject were touched on in an inter- active way. Keeping the participants to a limited number of 12, and generally of the same age group, we were able to discuss personal experiences and problems with the class and the Doctors and got replies to our questions in a personal manner.
Later over tea everyone could have a one-to-one conversation with the Doctors and clear further doubts.

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I had fun researching food that was beneficial for people undergoing Menopause. The snacks for tea were made taking this into consideration. Spinach and Feta Pie, Corn and Bellpepper Spicy Salad were both without any fat, so  healthy and tasty too. Oat biscuits and a Banana Loaf, though using some butter were highly nutritious, something to make and keep to satisfy the sweet cravings.

There was a post on my friend Ginny Grewal’s facebook page for “Fat Flush Water”. I made jugs of this for the guests of Sttudio 292 and they were much appreciated. In fact I had to refill the jugs numerous times. Sharing this recipe.

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1 Jug water (1 1/2lts)

1 tangerine, sliced

1 medium cucumber, sliced

10-20 mint  leaves

Ice – as much as you like

Directions:  Rinse tangerine, cucumber and mint leaves. Slice cucumber and tangerine. Combine all ingredients in a jug with 11/2lts water. Allow ingredients to sit as long as possible for maximum benefits. Drink throughout the day.  You can use the fruit two days in a row, just add more water on day two.
Adapted from FAT FLUSH DRINK by Ramona Beck Strabley, Sandy Johnson and 2 others in Getting Skinny With Courtney

I’m sorry I had to postpone the “Healthy Cakes” class. Will put it back on the calendar soon.

The Tarot Card Interpretation sessions took place on May 20th. Private consultations were booked with tarot card reader, Prritti S Goenka and the feedback received, “She is good”, “Very accurate”.

Now on to the grand finale of the month. Guest Chef from RRED HOT CAFE is coming over to Sttudio 292 on May 30th to show us how to make authentic Thai dishes. Come and learn how to cook some delicious starters, salads and mains, along with noodles. 10 spaces to go, so if interested, please register and wait for the confirmation.


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